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Digital change is not about technology. It is about new strategy adoption, consumer behavior and achieving sustainable results.

Digital Strategy

It is always about money. Our experts will support your company in building a competitive edge in digital world. Anticipation of customers future needs, internal integration of employees, their capabilities and processes are key factors to keep the profit margin higher than industry average.


While remodeling sales strategy we examine how multi-channel approach affects various aspects of company and its environment; customer experience, data collection and usage, increased sales and enhanced productivity.


Mobile and electronic payments, digital money, virtual gift cards and stamps, beacons are just a part of what digital economy has to offer. Our experts will assess and deploy the very best solution for your transaction and loyalty strategy

Channel Balance

Some think everything is about internet. We think "don't forget your brick&mortar operations". Proper balance is essential for the majority of businesses, especially retail.

Cloud Migration

Private, Hybrid, Public - different cloud solutions mean different resources allocation, different security and different investments. Correct project management and deployment means more security and functionality and less expenses.


Your customers share information, collaborate and influence each other decisions. Your business should be connected to social platforms to become engaged. Connected processes and tools bring new value for your employees, too.

About Us

It is not so important how fast you climb a mountain. It is important if you choose the right one fast enough.

Open Mind Polska was founded in 2003 to support banks and mobile operators with expertise in electronic payments and loyalty schemes. For over 11 years we are working with CEE sectors leaders to help them build and keep a competitive edge in rapidly changing digital economy. Our consultants have successful change implementations record: business unit/company/holding level, both product/process line and company' structure/culture.

Our key advantage is ability to understand customer's needs and to anticipate how these needs can be affected by more and more digital environment. We are small enough to have a full control over top expertise and accountability of our consultants and big enough to bring cross-department support in multinational companies.

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